Damn, can I report a crime?



I thought CMPD was supposed to be friendly to victims of crimes. NOT.

I found out yesterday that someone has gotten into my bank account. After taking the proper steps on the bank side, closing the account and rerouting all pending deposits, withdrawals and checks, it was time to fill out a police report.

Financial fraud is on the rise, so why is it that the crime report takers at CMPD sent me out the door with a phone number to call? It makes me wonder, do these "cops" even take a victim seriously who isn't bleeding?

The incident occurred in Norfolk, Va. and guess what, the NPD wouldn't take the report over the phone. So, according to CMPD.org:

If the offense occurred in Mecklenburg County, or the jurisdiction where the crime occurred will not take a report AND you live in Mecklenburg County, call 311 to file a police report or click here to file one on line.

I've been sitting on the phone with 311 for over 20 minutes. What a damned joke. I might as well get in the car and drive to Norfolk and file the report. The detective in Norfolk is questioning why Charlotte won't take the report. So am I. I've never dealt with this side of the law before and it's showing me why people don't report crimes. I pay taxes for services that I can't even use. What is this, Russia?

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