A step in the right direction?



It seems that Vice President Dick Cheney’s wife Lynne is finally out of her own little closet she created to never have to talk about her daughter Mary’s sexuality. In an interview with CBS to promote her new book, Lynne made some comments that stray far from her previous stance of either denying her daughter’s being a lesbian or refusing to speak about it.

After mentioning George Takei’s recent wedding in California, presenter Harry Smith asked if Cheney would want the same for her daughter, according to this article. “I would wish my daughter to have happiness and freedom to make her own choices,” the Second Lady responded. “The Vice President said in the debate with Joe Lieberman ever so long ago in 2000 that freedom in this country ought to mean freedom for everyone.” Dick Cheney has often arduously supported his daughter’s sexuality and clashed with journalists — like Wolf Blitzer last year — who even bring up the fact that certain family groups don’t agree with his daughter’s choices to have a baby with longtime girlfriend, Heather Poe. With Poe often appearing with the family at political functions just like Sarah Palin’s never-meant-to-be-son-in-law, uptight groups like Focus on Family must be ready to start their own political party.

It’s good to see members of such a far-right-wing American political family making statements like this, especially after reports of a homophobic mob attacking a gay couple in Ireland surfaced earlier in the week. I still believe gay marriage will be looked at by children in 40 to 50 years the way I as a child looked at African-Americans voting: It makes no sense why it was banned at some point in this century.

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