More Observer DVDs!



Charlotte Observer Publisher Ann Caulkins announced today that more free DVDs are on the way!

Following the enthusiastic response to the paper's Sunday distribution of the DVD "Obsession: Radical Islam," Caulkins announced a new line-up of forthcoming DVDs: "We're thrilled to be able to bolster our pitiful financial condition by taking blood money from paranoids, fear-mongers, shit-stirrers, and historical ignoramuses. Building on our success and going forward with synergy toward our goals of a capitalized multimedia strategy, and all that kind of corporate blather, we're proud to announce our upcoming 'specialty DVDs' line-up."

Here is the list of the next four DVDs to look for in your Sunday Observer:

"Cannibal Culture: The True Story of Catholic 'Communion.'"

"Dark Meat: Black Men's Hunger for White Women"

"Pass Over This, Pal: The Jewish Plot to Take Your Money"

"Finger in the Dyke: Stop the Worldwide Lesbian Conspiracy!"

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