Remember that fight in Afghanistan?



Finally. Finally, that little war we've got going on in Afghanistan — remember that? — is going to get a little attention. Defense Secretary Robert Gates told Congress today that improved security in Iraq will give the U.S. military flexibility to do more in Afghanistan in coming months.

What took so long?

Rep. Ike Skelton, a Missouri Democrat who chairs the [House Armed Services] committee, pressed Gates and Mullen on whether the Pentagon is ready to change its repeated assertion that it does what it can in Afghanistan, and does what it must in Iraq - to reflect a new priority for the Afghan fight.

Gates responded that the Afghan fight is more complex, because there are more diverse enemies as well as a broader, more complex coalition fighting them.

All the more reason to have been focusing more efforts into Afghanistan, if you ask me. Or, at the very least, the Pentagon should have attempted to provide as much resources into the fight in Afghanistan as they did for the Iraq. But what do I know?

As one soldier writes on his blog, "This place is a friggen war zone and war is painful and sometimes hurts. I don’t care what the news says or how they say it, people die in Afghanistan the same way they do in Iraq…with their heart taking one last beat."

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