Buy it now! The Sarah Palin action figure!



What else did we expect when John McCain introduced us to the first VP candidate anyone has ever referred to as "hot"? (I prefer David Letterman's impression of Palin as "a LensCrafters model," but maybe that's just me.) Now, for disheartened Palin watchers and others who are upset that the Alaska guv's Internet bikini pics turned out to be fake, comes the Sarah Palin doll. OK, it's kind of half-assed and she's dressed like Angelina Jolie in an action movie, but hey, it's definitely that hot mother of five and would-be book burner, Sarah Palin. Good news: if you're a closet pedophile, there's also a doll of Palin in a schoolgirl outfit. They're from, which apparently thrives on making cheesy dolls and other toys that sort of, kind of resemble various politicians (you haven't lived until you've seen the Obama plush doll or the McCain Pez dispenser). Check 'em out for a close-up view of part of America's cultural underbelly.


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