News roundup 9/4/08



Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick set to resign:

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick pleaded guilty Thursday to charges stemming from a sex scandal, and is set to resign from office. Kilpatrick will serve four months in jail and has agreed not to run for public office during his five-year probation. He will also pay restitution of $1 million. The Wall Street Journal

Tropical Storm Hanna moves closer to Carolina coast:

Tropical Storm Hanna ripped through the Bahamas, while Hurricane Ike, a dangerous Category 4 hurricane moved further out in the Atlantic. Hanna was about 720 miles southeast of Wilmington, N.C., Thursday. The Boston Globe

Chloroform in Casey Anthony's car:

Preliminary FBI lab results show traces of chloroform in Casey Anthony's trunk. Chloroform is used to incapacitate victims during a crime. The confiscated computer of Casey Anthony, mother of murdered Caylee Anthony, also revealed search results for the chemical chloroform. CNN

Weeks to restore power to the Gulf Coast:

Days after Hurricane Gustav reach the Gulf Shore, about 829,000 households are still without power. Officials expect power to be restored slowly in the hardest-hit areas. Entergy says number of outages ranks second all-time, behind Hurricane Katrina. CNN

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