Rage against the protestors



What fun would a Republican convention be without Rage Against the Machine? After missing 2004’s convention while off doing their own things, all four members of Rage have already showed up and addressed protesters around the RNC as shown here in this video. You don’t have to be a fan of theirs, though you may have to be a liberal, to enjoy this video of them talking to protesters and performing two songs acapella. It's funny to see them up there acting almost boyish while they try to somehow play guitar and sing without guitars or microphones.


I agree with Tom Morello’s mini-speech about police officers leading middle-class lives and having more in common with protestors than anybody inside that building. If I could be there I would be there to protest policies and not to find the nearest group of police officers to throw projectiles at, as anarchists enjoy doing. Yet the rioting is inevitable. As this blog from Tuesday trying to keep up with the situation shows, when Rage Against the Machine shows up at a convention like this, chaos and confusion set in.

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