Ruby Slippers and the Senate



Throughout the campaign, Kay Hagan has said she wants to give Elizabeth Dole a pair of Ruby Red Slippers so she can click her heels three times and go back to Kansas with her husband, Bob, according to a release sent from Hagan's campaign.

Before a June Red Slipper event, a supporter said:

“Liddy Dole has consistently voted against the better interests of the people of North Carolina, who she was elected to represent,” said Grace Liem, a Cabarrus County supporter. “She seems to think that she was elected to support her party rather than the common, working folk. Kay Hagan has consistently voted in the North Carolina Senate in the best interests of North Carolina from children's health care to military matters. She has proven her mettle and I am proud to work on getting her elected.”

I think it's cute that Hagan and her supports have started designing these red shoes for Dole, but isn't there a more creative way to show people that it's time for Dole to go? Maybe by focusing on some real issues? With the economy as bad as it is, politicians don't have to play these political games. They can just hit voters with the truth: The country went to hell on the Senator's watch. Do your part and vote her out.

Voters aren't stupid -- well, not all of them. There are those people who voted for President Bush twice.

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