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Health News: Parents

Chemicals Affect Teen Brain

In addition to STDs and teen pregnancy, doctors are now warning of neurological consequences of teen sexuality.

New neuro-scientific research shows that sexual activity releases chemical reactions in the brain. These chemicals can imprint the brain, causing emotional bonds between partners. Breaking these bonds can cause depression, risk of suicide, and make it harder to bond in the future. Chemicals released in the brain are potentially so addictive that premature sexual activity leads many teens to become hooked.

“This research has extraordinary value for parents,” said Dr. McIlhaney, author of Hooked: New Science on How Casual Sex is Affecting Our Children. “Not only can we see how sexual activity affects the adolescent brain, but how the brain then guides decision making processes to seek out similar or more intense and often harmful experiences.”

Parents can go online to www.medinstitute.org to find out more about Hooked and other resources.

While I agree children and teens should weigh their options before having sex, these scare tactics are laughable.

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