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Try it: El Salvador restaurant

N. Tryon & Sugar Creek

Mexican and Central American food

Dios mio, is the food good! Warm tortilla chips were brought out as we sat down. The salsa was a bit runny, but the chips made up for the sub-par salsa. The chimichanga de carne was stuffed full of flavorful steak, grilled, and covered with cheese. Served with rice, beans, and lettuce and tomatoes, the meal was big enough for leftovers. Around $10, it was a bit pricey for Mexican food, but I think it was well worth it. Another dish I would highly recommend is the Chicken Supremo with Jalapeño cream - thinly pounded chicken grilled and smothered with a sour cream sauce infused with sliced jalapeños. Although the restaurant is located in what can be considered a "shady area," it's definitely worth the trip.

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