Threat of snow? No school. Flooded roads? Schools in session.



It's becoming obvious why CMS can't raise its test scores.

The administration is stupid! With several main roads in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County flooded today, CMS decided to press on with school day number 3. Isn't Charlotte the city that has the billboards telling people don't drown, turn around? Isn't Charlotte the city that shuts down with half an inch of snow collecting on the grass? Why were children put at risk today to go to school and fill out paperwork?

This boneheaded decision should cost someone his or her job.

After a local DJ made it on a school bus as a prank, Dr. Peter Gorman, said parents needed to take responsibility for their children. Well, after Gorman put children on buses traveling down water logged roads, he needs to take responsibility for being an idiot.

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