Is New Orleans ready 3 years later?



With Tropical Storm Gustav leaving Haiti Wednesday after killing16 there, and heading for the Gulf of Mexico, many people are worried that it could hit New Orleans, a city that is still staggering from the most infamous hurricane ever, Katrina. With the criticism of his predecessor Kathleen Blanco’s late response probably still fresh in his head, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has said that he could declare a state of emergency as early as Thursday and start evacuating New Orleans by Friday, three years to the day after Katrina decimated the city. Jindal is also ready to make 700 buses available for assisted evacuation if the threat persists.

While it is great that Jindal seems ready to help get people out of there, especially with the amount of people left behind in 2005 due to lack of transportation, I am still praying for Gustav to not even threaten New Orleans. The recovery effort on land in New Orleans is far from over, and how ready could the 220 miles of levees in the area really be? Even the parts that held up during Katrina were called flawed, never mind the parts that have only been built up in the last three years and are hardly better than they originally were. Here’s hoping that Gustav picks on someone else and lets the people of New Orleans focus on the problems at hand. There is no shortage of them.

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