Council on poll: Who cares?



Unlike most grossly overpaid American CEO's, United Way honcho Gloria Pace King is getting the axe. Good, glad that's finally settled; now on to other news.

Monday's City Council meeting provided startling proof that some council members can be useless, clueless, and arrogant at the same time. Short version: Council was told about a poll initiated by city staff which found that Charlotteans believe local government does a good overall job, but does a lousy job of improving roads, cracking down on delinquent landlords, fighting crime, and making affordable housing available. Reaction from Council was, basically, "Who the hell cares?" First, Long John Lassiter said he doubted that ordinary citizens even knew what they were talking about, particularly in the area of housing codes and zoning. Then, fellow Republican Warren Cooksey, who has been part of the sparkling success of Wachovia's Wealth Management Group, essentially said the poll was useless because it merely "calculated perceptions." No one dared to tell Cooksey that calculating perceptions is precisely what all polls do. Seriously, if you want to know why local "leaders" spend time talking about parks on top of I-277 while our roads crumble and ordinary people can barely afford to live here anymore, tune in sometime to the sad, self-important charade that is a Monday night City Council meeting.

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