Bush's idiocy comes home to roost in Georgia



How pathetic is George W. Bush? A day after Preznit Cowboy strutted and made a big TV show of announcing that the US military would damned well bring humanitarian aid to Georgia — "and we expect unfettered access to Georgia's ports and airports" — the administration had to back down because Bush had spoken too quickly. It turns out that, well, umm, Turkey hadn't given permission for American ships to access the Black Sea. Now, Pentagon officials say they doubt any U.S. Navy vessels will be dispatched. Pitiful, or what? Such is the weakened international status of the Bush administration after eight years of the Preznit's swagger, disregard for international law, delusions about the limitlessness of U.S. power, and depletion of our military forces. After Dubya's first meeting with Vladimir Putin in 2001, Bush said that he had looked into Putin's eyes and "got a sense of his soul." What an embarrassing amateur, and that's being generous. My guess is that Putin got a pretty good sense of Bush's brain during that meeting and figured out that Preznit Cowboy would hang himself soon enough with his own ignorant arrogance. And here we are. Five years after our own invasion of a sovereign nation, at a time when the US military is exhausted and bleeding, the Bushies have the audacity to swagger around, accusing Russia of, you guessed it, invading a sovereign nation, and making threats they can't possibly carry out.

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