How about McCain's adultery?



So John Edwards had sex with his videographer. He was an asshole, and the whole thing stinks for his family. But in the end, it's none of my, nor your, business. I know, I know, a lot of Americans care about this kind of stuff — and apparently care pretty deeply, seeing as how we're being told that Edwards' infidelity means his political career is over. To quote George Carlin, when did this bullshit start? U.S. history is littered with Presidents — not just candidates — who screwed around: Wilson, Harding, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Bush Sr., Clinton, and those are just the ones we know about from the 20th century. Strangely, the new politicosexual "law" that says an adulterer can't have a political career hasn't affected John McCain, the GOP Presidential candidate who ran around on his first wife with several women, and then left her for a younger, rich woman after his wife had been severely hurt in a car wreck. Someone needs to raise the issue: If Edwards' infidelity wrecks his career, then how about McCain's? Or is there a time limit — maybe only unfaithful sex within the past couple of years counts, is that it? No, candidates' sex lives are none of our business (unless it's tight-assed fundamentalists who are caught, but then the issue is hypocrisy, not sex). But if Edwards is run out of politics for his mistakes, then what's good for him should be good for John McCain.

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