Shocked, awed and dismayed



Shock, awed and dismayed.

But why?

Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards is the latest politician to have an affair. While the public is shocked and dismayed, I’m sitting here wondering why.

Men cheat all the time and it seems that at least once a month that man is a politician. Edwards isn’t the first and he won’t be the last. It’s not a left or a right thing because both parties have their share of cheaters. I just don’t get why the public takes it so personally.

Can you say that people in your circle haven’t cheated?

The fact that Edwards waited until he was out of office to cheat does show that he has half a brain. But the fact that his wife, Elizabeth, had been battling cancer when he chose to have an affair shows that he has brain damage.

What people should realize is that men with power probably cheat more. Women are throwing themselves at them and most of those men don’t know how to say no. Not to absolve them from wrongdoing, but it takes two to tango. Maybe some of these women ought to respect the wedding ring they see on a senator, president or house member’s finger before flirting with them.

And politicians, who cast moral judgments on others, like Edwards did when former president Bill Clinton was messing with a certain intern, should remember their own words when temptation comes knocking.

But the public should realize that no one is perfect. Many people over look the fact that politicians lie about wars but want blood when they lie about sex. That makes no damned sense at all.

Will Edwards bounce back from this? Who’s to say? But it should be noted that Idaho Senator Larry Craig still has a job and Bill Clinton is still revered in the Democratic Party.

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