What you do in your house is fine--flush at mine!



Here's another reason for New Yorkers to think North Carolina is just hicksville and in need of special ed!

From www.NYTIMES.com:

Our area is suffering from a drought. To save water, our family has adopted an “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” philosophy toward flushing the toilet. We’ve proudly watched our consumption fall. But is it appropriate not to flush at work or at friends’ homes? We are in a drought. Andy, Carrboro, N.C.

Hang on a second. I just need to finish watering the lawn.

I applaud your family’s economy almost as much as I don’t want to drop by for a visit.

The problem with implementing your policy outside the home, however, at work or at friends’ houses, is that absent a group decision to stop flushing, your unilateral act might offend people who are unaware of its noble intentions. They’ll just think you’re gross.

Let's save the water, but if you piss in my home and don't flush, you won't be invited back! That's just flipping nasty to do in someone else's toilet!

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