Georgy does the Olympics



OK, today's the first day of the Olympic Games in Beijing (insert obligatory whooping and cheering here), and here's hoping the athletes do well and have a good time. But, hey, did anyone else think it was ludicrous, not to say hurl-worthy, that Dubya gave the Chinese grief about their human rights record just before sitting his butt in a comfy booth to watch the Olympics? Granted, the Chinese police state is a scary thing, but how are they supposed to react to complaints about human rights from Bush? That's George W. Bush, the man who wipes his ass with the US Constitution, who has turned the US into a nation known around the world for running a secret prison network, torturing prisoners, and practicing "extraordinary rendition" of prisoners, most of whom are nabbed without any due process whatsoever. What's even more pathetic is that Bush and his few remaining hardcore supporters have no clue as to how outrageous his anti-Chinese remarks really were.

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