Defendant gets KFC to go along with his life sentence ...



Via The Chicago Tribune, comes this story:

Tremayne Durham of New York City admitted last month that he fatally shot Adam Calbreath of Gresham in 2006. Durham wanted to sell ice cream and ordered an $18,000 truck from an Oregon company. He later changed his mind, but the company would not give him a refund. Durham came to Oregan and killed Calbreath, a former employee of the Oregan company. Durham agreed to accept a murder plea but only if he could get a break from the prison food. The judge agreed and granted him a meal of KFC chicken, Popeye's chicken, mash potatoes, coleslaw, ice cream, and carrot cake to go along with his life sentence.

Popeye's chicken??KFC?? I'm not even going to say it ...

I didn't know prison food was supposed to be good!

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