All over a cheesburger?



Via, comes this disturbing story:

Carl Sharp, 26, a recent college graduate, as well as husband and father, returned home Sunday after purchasing three cheeseburgers at Rally's. One purchase was for the 16-year-old suspect that was arrested Sunday. The 16-year-old became angry because he had requested two cheeseburgers from Sharp, instead of three, and that's when an argument ignited. Both men ate the sandwiches and the suspect left. The teen then returned and shot Sharp three times. Sharp was pronounced dead at the scene. The suspect fled on his bicycle but was later found and taken into custody late Sunday evening.

Really? He can't be serious. All of this over an extra cheeseburger? I know money is tight now days but ... damn. Well, I hope he enjoys sitting in a prison cell for this rest of life, because he killed someone over a cheeseburger!

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