Weirdest e-mail subject lines



I get a ton of junk e-mail every day. (I'm sure you do, too.) And every day I laugh my ass off at the bizarre subject lines attached to some of the messages. So, in the interest in sharing, I thought I'd post some of the weirder ones I just received today. Check 'em out:

Make want love everywhere? Ask us how

Researchers have found a way to mimic the way plants store energy from the sun.

Never have to visit the doctor again

He on tape

You are nominated for a Bachelors

Italian-crafted Rolex - only $65 - $140!!

Have wild nights of love back again to life.

Naked Madonna blows the press conference

Spongebob Denies Reports That Hes Gay

7 things to make your lover

Man wins appeal in bizarre gasoline suicide case

Special issue of news from Financial Times! Urgent Apocalyptic News Usama Ben Laden!

All that beach chicks

Someone is thinking about you.

Karma sutra techniques for G-spots

How to make her your slave

Great solution to your intimate problems

Gay Men Perceive Each Other As Homophobic

Why is your love life such a disaster?

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