Time out for a little cuteness



I think we’ve all seen mama animals nursing other species and the pictures never stop being sweet. The recent pictures from the Kansas City Star of the golden retriever who adopted three tiger cubs are no exception.



But I’ve seen other pictures of mixed species and wondered if it's really that unusual. MentalFloss.com actually had an article on the six species that dogs will adopt: chicks (that's baby chickens), ducks, squirrels, deer, pigs and of course, tigers. They also had a story about interspecies adoption in general and the tortoise who adopted a baby hippo is too cute for words.



Unfortunately, that email we all received a few months ago about the tiger who adopted piglets to get over the depression that came from losing her own cubs was staged. Snopes.com (who doesn’t love them?) discovered that a zoo in Thailand creates exhibits like the tiger and piglets to entertain their visitors.

But who really cares if they're staged or faked? I just love oohing and ahhing over the pictures and believing for a moment that the world can live in peace.