Good environmental news for a change



People who are tired of politics, high gasoline prices, fist-fighting jocks, and, especially, the world's avalanche of bad environmental news have something to be glad about today. Researchers and scientists with the Wildlife Conservation Society have found more than 125,000 western lowland gorillas in the Congo. Before this discovery, the species was listed as critically endangered.  Part of the gorillas' habitat is being declared a national park, and agreements have been reached with logging companies in the Congo to insure responsible harvesting practices that preserve the parts of the primates' habitat not included in the park land. In related news, Sen. John McCain announced his support for an ExxonMobil plan to drill for oil in the gorillas' habitat. The presumptive nominee of the GOP (Grand OLD Party) declared, "We need all the oil we can get, and since now there's more apes than we need, I say let it rip."

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