News 8/4/08



Couple forgets 3-year-old at the airport: An Israeli couple going on a European vacation boarded their plane remembering their duty free shopping, 18 suitcases, but missing one thing: their 3-year-old child. The couple along with their five children were making a run for it as they were late for a charter flight to Paris. Among all the confusion, they lost their 3-year-old daughter. They were informed by flight attendants 40 minutes into the air, that they'd left their child behind. Police found the little girl wandering around the duty-free area at the Ben Gurion Airport. The little girl was reunited with her parents in Paris after being accompanied with an airline staffer on the next flight. MSNBC via AP

Thieves steal broken car: After a 24-year-old Russian man stole a car from a repair shop in southern Moscow, he realized the car had no brakes. The thief stole a Nissan Primera, and discovered it didn't have brakes after cruising through a set of traffic lights and smashing into a car. The thief was arrested and charged with theft. READ MORE

Zebra horse: Shenyang botanical park reportedly painted black stripes on a white horse and is charging visitors to take pictures with a "zebra." The Chinese park is charging 30p each for pictures with the horse. READ MORE

Zebra Horse

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