While you were working...



Safe and warm here on the East Coast, we know little of earthquakes. Mosquitoes, yes. Hurricanes, quite. Random thunder storms that knock out the power and scare the cat, you betcha. Earthquakes, not so much.

So, while we were all cozy in our cubicles today, reading about Shia LaBeouf's drunk driving antics and labeling our e-mails about so-and-so's new boyfriend and his trouser assets "Very Important Business Document!" the fine folks of L.A. were shaking in their seats. Yep, during our blissful work doldrums of Tuesday, there was an earthquake.

I can only hope that some news source, or at least TMZ, will have a feature about the state of the Botox clinics at the moment the quake hit. Because, really, there are few things that I can think of that I want less than sitting in a pseudo-doctor's chair with a giant needle of poison poised over my forehead and suddenly feel the entire ground start to shake. Not a happy image.

Now, hold still.


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