Hate on the internet: readers sound off



Most news outlets allow its readers to discuss stories on their Web sites and solicit their input on articles of the day. What's interesting is that people seem to type things on line that they wouldn't say in public. It's almost as if the anonymous nature of the Internet allows people to share their truth without revealing their bias to the people they live and work with on a daily basis.

For example, The Miami Herald printed a column by Leonard Pitts Jr. titled, "You Think Slavery Ended in 1865?"

Here's what some readers had to say about Pitts and his column:

you can always go back to africa where they still in 2008 not 1901 enslave each other, take children from other tribes and enslave them, turn them into sex slaves, murder and decapitate each other on a daily basis .. why dont you write some articles on that Mr Pitts

Posted by: DMILLMAN68

7/23/2008 12:02 PM

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While I deplore the notion of slavery, why do we constantly continue to "throw it in the faces" of people today who NEVER owned a slave, had any immediate family that did or know of any who did?? People want society to continue paying for something that today's folks had nothing to do with. And sadly, too many organizations have forced Political America to be "diversed" whether you like it or not. You can no longer hire the best 5 people for the job, you can only hire 2 whites, 1 hispanic and at least 2 blacks (and one better be a woman or you face further scrutiny). So where is the fairness in that?? Think about it, your police, fireman and any other public servant position is filled by a mandatory quota for diversement, not the best people. Thats pretty sad.

Posted by: Bkrbabe221

When are we going to move on? Miami was voted into a city by a majority of blacks. Today Miami is racially balanced (compared to other US cities) and yet has a great deal of local government corruption. Can't Mr. Pitts focus on the issue at hand and not spend three days researching a 130 year old lynching in Alabama that's already been covered by 30 news organizations? Is this news? Does it lead to progress? Does it have impact today? Are you wondering why the Herald is laying off people and experiencing a loss in readership? Can we focus on TODAY and THE FUTURE of Miami?

Posted by: cshj5

7/23/2008 12:52 PM

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If you don't care for the USA, Mother Afrika awaits you! By the way, there is no welfare or entitlements or other freebies like you currently enjoy here. The only slavery in the USA is that which exists between your ears ! Get beyond 1865 and join the 21st century ! See how your people live in Afica and decide who has it so bad.

Posted by: Mo_Green

Another story that had a lot of "brutal honesty" came from CNN.com dealing with HIV and Blacks in the United States.

On July 29, the Anderson Cooper 360 blog ran the post AIDS: The Calvary Is Not Coming To Save Us.

Here's what the readers of this story had to say:


how ’bout

1. Better parenting. Actually scratch that. ANY parenting…(ie- BOTH parents).

2. Use a condom (they can be had for free at clinics).

3. Stop sticking dirty needles in your arm.


It’s really NOT that hard to prevent contracting the disease.

What are we supposed to do? Assign a social worker to EVERY SINGLE lower class Black American and have them follow that person around 24/7 and babysit them ?????????????


July 29th, 2008 12:04 pm ET

Highest STD rates in the US? Highest unwed mother rate in the US?

Gee Rev. Wright how will you blame whites for this? After all they control condoms and no one can use them without their permission.

J Houston, TX

That’s funny because in San Francisco and Seattle and Portland, Or 65% of people with HIV are white? I guess the stats only matter if the help the black community.


The majority of AIDS patients catch this disease by sexual transmission or by

the use of shared drug needles. The number of “innocent” victims being infected by blood transfusions or other legitimate medical procedures is very small. So why is it when the black community has a problem (large number of single parent families, lower percentage of married black women than white married women, ad infintum) it is always because of “white” America? It would seem that black America is bringing this disease upon itself.

“Black” America needs to look squarely at itself, its glorification of poor role models (ex. rappers), its failure to hold its male population responsible for the children they bring into this world, its disproportionate percentage of this country’s prison population, and on and on and on. “B;ack” America needs to step up and take control of its problem. Medical care after the fact is of course critical, but equally important are efforts to prevent continued high infection rates. The black community has failed and continues to fail in this respect. Stop blaming others for what has become a continual series of missteps and failures in your own communities.

Duncan Holmes

Black America, take responsibility for your own actions. It’s way past time. The past is the past, and cannot be changed. You can either get over it or use it as an excuse, which becomes less and less crdible every day.


This is to the 2 black junkies who robbed me and my girlfriend at gunpoint while we just strolling along a quiet tree lined street with the full moon casting a romantic evening down on us. Not sure how much drugs can be bought with 125.00 dollars and a womens gold bracelet, but I hope you bought a diseaesed syringe and are suffering terribly now.

Put that in your statistics and smoke it.

Mike in Houston

And on Charlotte.com, a story about a man who died in Statesville after being Tasered by police, brought more hateful comments.

So what? I mean what have we really lost here? Look at the picture of that filth. Look at it! You mean to tell me the world is worse off without this scum. He was in jail for God's sake. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he didn't do it............

Posted by: Phil_Bouchard

7/29/2008 6:36 AM

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I think it's always funny when you have a guy like this who has been in jail a million times...a druggy, a wife beater, a drunk, a theif!...how about none of this would have happened if the low-life wasn't stealing! Yet the family always seem to follow-up with "He was such a great guy. He was really going places. Never would harm a fly. The life of the party!" (Yea in other words he brings the excitement to the party...police!) You make your bed...you lay in it! Just one more person we don't have to hear about on the news stealing, shooting someone, driving drunk, dealing drugs! Typical!

Posted by: witedelight

7/29/2008 8:29 AM

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If he had not been stealing and acting crazy as hell he would not have been arrested and then tasered. He got what he deserved what he got...saved the state and county a lot of money don't have to feed him or furnish him lawyers.

Comments like these could be coming from the person sitting beside you, the coworker you're going to have lunch with or even your boss. It makes you wonder why people don't just talk about these feelings before posting them on line.


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