Based on a comic?



This summer has been a season for comic books — at least at the movies. From Iron Man and The Dark Knight to Wanted, The Hulk and Hellboy, a veritable cavalcade of comics were turned into films this year.

But comics on the big screen is nothing new. Over the last decade or more, the movie industry has looked to the comic book industry for inspiration. But it isn’t always evident what films were actually based on comic books. To prove my point, I’ve compiled this list of five movies that most people never knew were based on comics:

From Hell — The movie starred Johnny Depp (left), but was based on a massive graphic novel by writer Alan Moore.

The Road to Perdition — This Tom Hanks’ gangster flick was based on a comic published by DC Comics.

History of Violence — Yep, this movie —directed by David Cronenberg — was based on a comic book.

Ghost World — Scarlett Johansson starred in this coming of age story, which was (you guessed it) based on a comic.

Virus — IMDB said this about Virus: “Seeking refuge from a typhoon, the crew of an American tugboat boards a top secret Russian research vessel and finds it infected by an alien life form which regards humans as a virus which must be destroyed at any cost!” It was adapted from a comic from Dark Horse Comics.

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