And yet another Taser death


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Another day, another death-by-Taser. On the heels of revelations that Charlottean Darryl Wayne Turner's death resulted from a police officer's misuse of a Taser, another young man has been, in effect, Tasered to death. This time, the victim is Anthony Davidson, 29, of Statesville, and, again, the weapon was used improperly. Davidson was shocked multiple times by Tasers at the Iredell County jail Saturday and died later that day in hospital. Charlotte police, meanwhile, are reviewing their Taser training and use and may come up with tighter controls for officers. In the meantime, as we have written here before, it just might be a good idea for City Council to take the issue seriously, especially since, you know, they're supposedly in charge and everything. Council should direct the police department to stop the use of Tasers until more definitive research is available about the weapons' full effects and complications. At the very least, Taser uses should be stopped until the police have finished their review of the department's Taser training and use. If the ladies and gentlemen of the Council can see fit to remove their heads from developers' rear ends long enough to do something for the general public, they could save lives, avoid the lawsuits we all know are coming, and restore confidence in the police department.


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