Haven't we seen this real-life Disney drama before?



This weekend, I had the (mis)fortune of hanging out with my niece in South Carolina. Sometimes I forget how young she is. But I got a reminder when she was on the Internet at my parents' house watching a video about Miley Cirus and Selena Gomez, both hot Disney chicks of the moment. They seem to be fighting over one of the Jonas Brothers. I guess in the Disney universe, you must only be able to date the girls also in the Mouse family. (Here's a story about the rivalry.) And here's the actual video:


This is the same storyline that Hillary Duff and Lindsey Lohan experienced when they were both young Disney stars? We see how that turned out. Lohan is a tabloid queen and Duff hasn't made many great career choices. It really makes you wonder what's going on when the big mouse isn't looking.

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