Normie the lake monster



This past weekend, I was in Georgia for a family get-together. We went swimming in the lake, which I have to admit sometimes freaks me out: In some places, it's at least 150 feet deep; anything could be living in those waters!

Anyway, today I googled "swimming in Lake Norman" just out of curiosity and came across the web site What the heck? The site documents "sightings" of the "Lake Norman Monster." Some of the stories are obviously fake, but others ... well, you decide. Here's one submission:

When Heather, my capworker, Seth, my little brother, and I were walking the beach on the park of Lake Norman, we saw a dead fish lying on the beach of Lake Norman. The fishes eye's was eaten, and the fishes body was bitten, we had no idea what could had done this.

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