News roundup 7/23/08



President Bush drops opposition to housing bill:

President Bush dropped his opposition Wednesday to a broad housing package aimed at boosting the economy, despite his objections to including $3.9 billion for neighborhoods hard-hit by foreclosure. Under the bill, the government would help struggling homeowners get new cheaper loans. Fox News

Dolly strengthens to a Category 2:

Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center in Miami say Hurricane Dolly strengthened Wednesday to a Category 2 with winds near 100 miles per hour. As Dolly moves closer to land, some areas could get up to 15 inches of rain, causing widespread flooding. AP via The New York Times

Ex-cop may be charged in Tasering death:

Baron "Scooter" Pikes died after being Tasered by police more than nine times. The coroner ruled his death a homicide and said, "Pikes could've already been dead after the seventh shock." Ex-officer Scott Nugent may be charged with Pikes' death following a complete report on the case by Louisiana State Police. CNN

Nissan Recalls Sentras:

Nissan Motor Co. is recalling about 700,000 Sentra in the U.S. due to brake problems that could leak fluids. The recall is for all 2007-2008 Sentras, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported on its Web site. AP via MSNBC

Lidocaine may help mammogram pain:

A new study suggests that applying the topical analgesic before mammograms could significantly decrease the pain and discomfort many women experience during the test, which could encourage more women to get screened. HealthDay News

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