Gas cost more when you pay with a credit card



It's bad enough that the price of gas keeps climbing. But for gas stations to charge you more because you're using a credit card, that should be illegal.

We're getting nickeled and dimed to death because we can't stop driving. Gas is the one thing that we will continue to buy no matter the cost. So let's say your favorite gas station charges you a fee for using your credit card, is it worth it to take cash from the store's ATM and then pay a fee to your bank? Or do you take your nearly empty car to your bank's ATM and withdraw enough cash to fill the car and pray that you make it back to the gas station before the gaslight blinks at you again.

There's a reason people don't carry cash. Those damned Visa Check Card advertisements. They make it seem as if people who write checks and pay with cash are lame. And if you have to dig in your purse or wallet to pull out cash, you're slowing down the world. Oh yeah and then there's the crime factor. Steal a wallet filled with cash; the victim is out of luck. Steal a wallet filled with plastic; there is hope that the bastard will get caught.

So, gas stations, don’t force me to pay more for overpriced gas because I don’t have cash on me.

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