OK, The Dark Knight was great, but . . .


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I saw the highly anticipated movie, The Dark Knight. The movie was great, awesome. I had no idea Chicago could look like that. (No offense, Mr. West) I made the mistake of going to an early movie and I guess the parents in the crowd couldn't find anyone to watch their kids. For at least an hour, there was a crying baby in the audience. The movie is PG-13, why bring a baby? Making matters worse, the parent kept walking in and out of the theatre. The light coming in and out of the door was annoying as hell. This movie is not for kids! Thanks Heath Ledger (RIP). He made the Joker his own and I loved how he pushed Batman to the edge of sanity. It was also nice to see Morgan Freeman back in the role of a good guy. I saw Wanted and hearing Morgan Freeman dropping the MF bomb was jarring, good but jarring. I wonder, though, is this the end of Batman? Is it possible for another Batman movie to be made without Ledger's Joker?

The first two Batman movies from the 1980s were great, but Christopher Nolan's reboot has taken the Dark Knight to higher heights. Just please no more Bat Nipples!


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