Live Music Review: Gaelic Storm



Gaelic Storm with Oakhurst

Neighborhood Theatre

July 17, 2008

The Deal: Gaelic Storm

The Good: Oakhurst started off the show with pure bluegrass rockin,' heavy Appalachian influenced songs, causing the crowd to swing and sway. After their set, Gaelic Storm took the stage with their diverse set of instruments. The show featured guitar, accordion, harmonica, fiddles, drums, bagpipes and a lot of other instruments that joined together to create the ultimate heap of Irish folk music sounds. But, the music wasn't the only upper of the show. All night long the group cracked jokes and made a point to interact with the audience. Take for instance, when they divided up the crowd and had half sing "I brought the whiskey," while moving their hands about and the other half sing "He brought the light," while waving cell phones in the air. Before they played the Irish drinking song, "Johnny Tar" they mimicked Kenny Chesney, Michael Jackson, Neil Diamond and others. Gaelic Storm played one song after another of pure goodness, during their whole set. My personal favorites were "I Miss My Home," "Don't Go For The One," "The Night I Punched Russell Crowe." During their two-hour long set, they were never a bore. This was, one of the most exciting shows that I've been to in awhile.

The Bad: Not a thing. They gave the audience their money's worth with a long set of well-crafted, upbeat and unique songs. Oh yeah, and their comedians too.

The Verdict: These guys (and one gal) are talented. I already knew they were after hearing their newest album What's The Rumpus?, but their live show really displayed their skills. Energizer bunnies? They seemed like they could have played all night long. Maybe it was the whiskey- members of the audience bought them quite a stock of shots, but it had no bad effects. Definitely check out these guys the next time they visit Charlotte.


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