Missing the real war



A story on CNN about soldiers in Iraq feeling like they're missing "the real war" — the one in Afghanistan — really piqued my interest. Young soldiers serving in Iraq looking to prove themselves feel like they're missing all the action, as it seems violence in the country is at its lowest in four years.

A friend of mine who's in the Marines is stationed in Okinawa, Japan. He's never had the chance to see combat, and he hates it. Another friend of mine, a staff sergeant in the Army, actually volunteered to leave his wife for a year to go over to Iraq.

You might wonder, why the heck would these soldiers and troops want to put themselves in danger like that?

I kind of get it though. I think in part it has to do with honor. Sure, there are thousands of different ways people in the military serve our country, but there's a deeper sense of pride when you can walk around with a patch on your uniform that says you've served in combat, and because you risked your life for your country, you know you actually earned that badge.

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