LKN Comedy Zone: Live Review



The Deal: Comedians Cee Jay (headliner), Dan Ellison and Carlos Valencia spread laughter at LKN Comedy Zone (in Galway Hooker) on July 15th.

The Good: After a long day, it was nice to kick back and have a good laugh. The evening began with Carlos Valencia, who made a point to tackle exactly why some of his past relationships failed (one specifically being because of a girls "apocalyptic  dumps" or just plain out not flushing the toilet).  After Valencia's short act, Dan Ellison (with his Southern speech)  began his set, which focused on how everyone has done "stupid shit." From werewolf believers to shoulder pads and speedo wearers he caused a cackle amongst the crowd. He also compared drugs being illegal to marriage and finished that thought by saying "marriage is the gateway drug to the poor house." Finally after Ellison finished his act, Cee Jay  took to the stage. The filled-room was laughing hysterically at most of his jokes, which covered a variety of subjects from times spent with grandma (who fed the kiddies stale food) to Jehovah's Witnesses (sneaking around property),  Yuengling beer (and its awful taste) and bath water (that burns the balls).

The Bad: A great comedy show. What else can I say?

The Verdict: Check out these guys the next time they hit up the Comedy Zone or another venue. Well, that is, if you want a good laugh.

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