News roundup 7/15/08



GM makes deep cuts:

General Motors Corp. announced Tuesday it will suspend its dividend, sell off $4 billion to $7 billion worth of assets, and cut 20 percent of salaried cash costs in a plan to save billions of dollars. CNNMoney

Nepal to select its first president:

Lawmakers in Nepal will vote on the country's first president since its became a republic. Maoists who won seats in a recent election want a non-political figure as president. It is unclear who may become president, as no party has had a majority in recent elections. CNN

Drugs to build bones may actually weaken them:

Questions have emerged about whether the long-term use of bone building drugs for osteoporosis may actually weaken bones in a small number of people who use them. Questions rise from cases showing a rare type of leg fracture that shears straight across the upper thigh bone after little or no trauma. The New York Times

D.A. urges to keep Manson follower in prison:

Susan Atkins is requesting release from prison because she is terminally ill with brain cancer. Atkins was well known for stabbing pregnant actress Sharon Tate in the famous "Manson Murders". The Los Angeles district attorney has asked the parole board to deny her request because Atkins still shows zero remorse. Los Angeles Times

Oil prices plunge:

Oil prices plunged Tuesday as U.S. stocks sold off amidst worries about the nation's economic state. Prices dropped more than $10 a barrel from their highest point of the day. Time via AP

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