Maybe he should change his name to Jealous Jackson



I used to think Jesse Jackson was an important figure on the American landscape. Then I found out he wasn't.

How can you talk to the President of the United States about his infidelity when you're standing there with your pregnant mistress? But Jackson had his good points, he did sell his influence to the highest bidder.

But his recent comments about Senator and presidental nominee Barack Obama shows that Jackson has lost his damned mind.

But I think Jackson is jealous of Obama because he's more successful in his bid for the presidency than Jackson ever was. It makes sense now as to why Jackson didn't find anything wrong with what Bill Clinton said about Obama winning South Carolina.

Jackson should really step back and be a father to the child he created out of wedlock. Maybe then, Obama's words won't have such a punch and he won't feel the need to cut Obama's nuts off.

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