Earthquakes, flooding, dangerous smog … what else could go wrong for China?



Well, it looks like China's obstacles to hosting the perfect Olympic Games will never end. After months of recovering from natural disasters, taming Tibetan riots, and a sudden effort to reduce smog, Chinese officials now have to clean up a huge bloom of blue-green algae in the waters off Qingdao. The algae covers most of the water where Olympic sailors will be competing, but Chinese officials have promised to have the area cleared by then. So in one month they expect to clear out 19 miles of this heavy supposedly edible stuff. Are they going to make algae dogs for the concession stands? Maybe they could donate it to the company in Nevada or Utah who's making biodiesel with algae. What I do know is that while they're spreading their forces out on all these problems, another one is moving in: locusts. According to Pretoria News out of South Africa, exterminators have been sent to deal with the infestation, but who knows how much damage they'll prevent. Maybe they'll have to call in the duck patrol like they did in 2000.

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