News roundup 7/7/08



Angry passenger on board:

A man flying fist class on a Delta Airlines flight was so angry after seeing economy passengers have a jetliner before him, he yanked open an emergency hatch and slid down the chute. The Guyanese man appeared to be intoxicated after his flight from New York City. (AP via MSNBC)

747 freight crashes in Columbia:

Authorities say a flower-laden U.S. cargo plane headed for Miami has crashed, leaving two people on land dead. There appears to be no fatalities within the crew, although some are reportedly injured. (AP via CNN)

Cholesterol checks urged for children:

Leading pediatricians are recommending wider cholesterol screening for kids, as well as more aggressive use of cholesterol-lowering drugs to prevent adult heart problems. (The New York Times)

Microsoft in talks with Yahoo:

Microsoft Corporation said they would be open to purchasing all or part of Yahoo Inc. The only stipulation being if a new Yahoo board is elected; a major boost for investor Carl Icahn's board slate. (Yahoo via AP)

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