The world's happiest nation



According to the latest World Values Survey published by the United States National Science Foundation, out of 97 countries surveyed, Denmark is the "world's happiest nation," followed by Puerto Rico and Colombia. Zimbabwe was determined to be the least happiest nation.

So what about the homeland? The United States ranked the 16th happiest, which I find hard to believe, especially with astronomical gas and food prices, the economy in recession, the military overstretched because of a war we never should have gotten involved in, and the reign of a president who's kind of an idiot. (If you don't believe me about Bush, go here.)

And by the way, how can a study measure happiness anyway? Especially that of an entire country. Heck, depending on the day you talk to me, I can either be on top of the world goofy happy or walking around like bill collectors are after me and my puppy's leg is broken (which it is, by the way.) And I'm just one person.

The study, directed by University of Michigan professor Ronald Inglehart, also reported that the world is becoming a happier place overall. Wow. Terrorism, civil wars, poverty, homelessness, hate crimes, killer typhoons and hurricanes, starving children, AIDS ... I'm just not sure how accurate that assessment is. Then again, who am I to say the world isn't becoming a happier place? I've only got my Bachelors degree.

You can read the BBC report here.

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