Facebook and MySpace = no personality?



According to BBC News, Internet sites like Facebook and MySpace allow kids to create and scrap different personalities in cyberspace without discovering who they truly are in the real world. Because of this, experts are worried that anyone born after 1990 (the generation who can't imagine life without the Internet) will be prone to dangerous impulsive behaviors and suicides.

Well, this certainly sounds like a nice pat little theory that explains every crazy violent teenage event from the Columbine massacre to the MySpace-related suicide, but I’m not buying it. I’ll agree that time spent in front of computers and TV is ridiculously high (please play outside more, it's good for you), but that doesn’t mean that our children are weak-minded. Sure they can’t imagine what to do with themselves outside, but their imaginations are being stretched by all the computer programs, Internet sites and TV shows. The majority are smarter than the generation before them and getting smarter.

So let's get real. Society has changed for a number of reasons resulting in no one being responsible for their own actions. How about we focus on responsibility instead of yet another excuse?

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