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Former "24" star Dennis Haysbert, also known as the Allstate man, has lost his damned mind.

He told the Associated Press that his role as a fictional black president may have helped Barack Obama win the Democratic nomination.

All I can say is what the hell? Forget that eight years of Resident--er--President George W. Bush (whacked) has spawned nothing but war, high gas prices, a recession and loads of other bullshit.

A TV show where the black president gets shot in the damned throat is why millions of people voted for Barack Obama. Allstate guy, you must be smoking that good-good in La La land.

So, Obama's view on world issues, health care and these thieving ass oil companies had nothing to do with him getting the nod. It was your role on "24" also know as the Jack Bauer show? Okay.

Let's also keep in mind that Haysbert is on a new show, "The Unit," where he is Jack light because he has to have a crew to help him. I guess the next commander of a covert military group that blows up shit will owe that job to you too, huh?


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