Woods on South closed?


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When Chef Marvin Woods opened his upscale restaurant, Woods On South, he was in it for the long haul. His plan was to change the way Charlotte ate, adding health-conscious fried chicken to the menu.

Things have apparently changed, and Woods on South looks as if it has served its last plate of oven fried chicken.

While no one from the restaurant has returned calls to Creative Loafing to tell us if or why the restaurant shut down after barely a year in operation, the sign on the door say it all: closed.

Another sign kind of gives you a big clue that the restaurant is calling it quits: Payroll checks will be mailed to you. (I'm guessing that's a note for the employees.)

The restaurant opened in October with a big launch party in what was South End Brewery. Woods has said at the time that he wanted to offer a lighter version of Southern cuisine. He even had ‘soul sushi’ on the menu.

Many people had parties at the restaurant and for a while the future looked bright for Woods on South. Charlotte was a diamond city, according to Woods and that’s why he chose to open his restaurant here and not in Atlanta.

This is Woods’s second restaurant to close. The former Turner South star opened a restaurant in Miami in 1996. It closed shortly after it’s opening despite being highly celebrated, according to an article from the South Beach Wine and Food Festival’s Web site.

More details to follow as the story unfolds.


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