Quick fix for smog?



Smog, that nasty and very visible air pollution, isn't pretty and can be dangerous, but most of us have learned the ways of the ostrich in order to keep driving our precious vehicles guilt-free. According to CNN, Beijing noticed their problem with smog years ago, but suddenly wishes to correct their smog problem as soon as possible for the 2008 Olympics. They are especially anxious since Olympic officials stated that events will be postponed if the air quality is too dangerous. Well, good luck! What has taken years to create can't be undone in a few months. Nevertheless, officials have decided to pass laws, beginning this week, that restrict citizens from driving their vehicles freely. They think that allowing certain cars, according to license plate numbers, to only drive on odd or even days will reduce the smog. Sure, there's probably a lot of people who will have to scramble for alternate transportation. And sure, businesses that rely on deliveries will suffer, but it's China!  And since it's the Communist land of the People's Republic of China, the government can do whatever they want, no matter how far into fantasy land they've drifted. Apparently this includes believing they can cure smog before Aug. 8.

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