A cop who curses? Charlotte is shocked!!



Let's see -- what's happened in Charlotte in the past few months? Well, a teenager was Tasered to death, a guy was shot in the back by a police officer under circumstances now under SBI investigation, gas is about $4 a gallon, and the country is waging war that a majority of citizens don't support, among innumerable other matters.

So what sparks public outcry? A police chief who uses impolite language. Chief Rodney Monroe said a bad-cop allegation -- indictments of two cops accused of helping a drug dealer -- "pisses off a lot of officers."

And ta-da, the propriety police are out in full force. Several people wrote in to The Charlotte Observer not to inveigh against the alleged actions of the two cops, but against a police chief who would use such "gutter" language.

He's a cop, not William Safire. Granted, he's the chief and isn't out responding to domestic violence calls at 2 a.m., but he deals with a nasty business that involves some nasty people. What kind of language do you expect? Leave it to certain contingents of this town to quibble over such inconsequential matters.

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