News roundup, 6/10/08



Quake lake water surges through cities: After weeks of trying to safely drain the Tangjiashan lake in the southwestern Sichuan province of China, officials said they've drained the water to a safer level. They are careful to also say that there is still danger if the man-made drainage channels collapse.

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Flash floods inundate Wisconsin town for second time: While the East Coast is sweating and hoping for rain, the Midwest is suffering from flash floods. In Wisconsin, for the second time in ten months the town of Gays Mills is under water. A town 60 miles away had houses torn from their foundations when a lake embankment gave way.

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Bionic hand wins top tech prize: The i-LIMB began it's life in 1963 in Scotland to help children affected by Thalidomide. It finally went on sale in July 2007 and has been fitted to more than 200 people including wounded U.S. soldiers.

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Griffey simply breathtaking in his prime: At age 38, Ken Griffey, Jr. has joined the ranks of The 600 club. Last night he hit home run number 600 while wearing Babe Ruth's number 3.

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