Billy Graham & McCain in Fantasyland



Today's confused story about John McCain and Billy Graham brings us another example of how the right-wing blogosphere really works - and how unhinged it has become. On the heels of last week's ludicrous paranoia about Rachael Ray's supposedly terrorist scarf comes today's all-new episode of right-wing lunatics. Former White House staffer Doug Wead and Texas pastor Brian Jacobs claimed that John McCain refused their offer to arrange a meeting with the Rev. Billy Graham. Right-wing bloggers jumped all over the story as if it were straight from the Bible (King James version, natch), and lambasted McCain all day long. Turns out, of course, the story was 100 percent bull.

This just in: McCain and Graham responded to the rumors today in a joint appearance at Disney World. The 71-year-old U.S. Senator of questionable health and mental clarity (who thinks he's fit enough to be President, and feels endless war and tax breaks for millionaires are good for America) joined with the 89-year-old preacher (who sees himself as a Christian spiritual leader although he spent time in Nixon's Oval Office ranting against Jews) and, in a joint declaration, asked their followers to not be fooled by people whose tales are "nothing more than fantasies."

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