Bush pressured "Idol Gives Back" to let him appear on show



In an interview with OK! magazine, Nigel Lythgoe, the superhoncho of "American Idol," revealed that he fought against letting President Bush appear on "Idol Gives Back" in April. Lythgoe said that after Bush's 2007 appearance on the program, the show's producers were very unhappy about Bush's paltry efforts to alleviate poverty - which is the whole point of "Idol Gives Back" - and were embarrassed to have the President on the program. Lythgoe explained, "We didn't ask the President this year to say anything because we are all a bit embarrassed about him, and the office insisted that, because the [primary] candidates were on it, the President would like to come on and say 'thank you.'" The producers relented, Lythgoe said, "under pressure from the President's people." I guess since Bush's influence has collapsed and he can't boss anyone around in Washington anymore, he had to get his bullying kicks by pressuring a friggin' TV show.

I can hear Preznit Flight-Suit now: "They by-God ain't gonna keep me off that show. Or else, I'll introduce their liberal asses to one of my patented pre-emptive strikes."

Luckily, or maybe not so luckily depending on your opinion of the show, American Idol has so far been able to avoid an occupation by U.S. forces, Halliburton and Blackwater.

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