Screw the Brits!



I'm sick of this new trend of female British soul singers.

First it was Amy Winehouse. Now it's Duffy and Adele.

Sure these ladies are talented as hell, but the current spotlight that's being thrown on them makes it seem like the only talented female soul singers live in the United Kingdom. And that just ain't true.  To prove my point, here's a list (and some videos) of a few non-British-based lady soul songbirds:

Sharon Jones — I think she's from New Jersey, but I know she's produced by Amy Winehouse's band, the Dap-Kings.


Algebra — This singer is straight out of Atlanta and is the first artist from Kedar Massenburg's new label. (He's the guy who discovered Erykah Badu.)


Muhsinah — She's probably the newest "soul-stress" out on the scene, and she hails from Philadelphia.


Julie Dexter — OK, this lady sort of blows my argument because she was born in England; however, she has lived in America for like 10 years and didn't really blow up until she came to the States.


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